These Are the Enterprises Favorite B2B E-Commerce Solutions This Year

B2b is a pretty new concept which is why it’s no surprise that a lot of people haven’t even heard about it. B2b stands for “businesses buying from businesses” and this new concept is expected to take over its predecessor, ecommerce. When you are you using b2b ecommerce you get lots of benefits like the option to personalize sales for your buyers that buy in bulk, increase the number of sales channels, and more. If you are curious about the chances of creating your own b2b ecommerce portal, then you are in luck since there are platforms available to help you do that and in this article we will talk to you about three of them.

Red technology

This is a b2b ecommerce solution that is aimed towards manufacturing and distributing and it also provides a b2b platform which is named Tradeit that is meant for businesses and as a part it offers its b2b expertise. Something that is special about this software is that it is a Microsoft.NET & SQL Server certified, which is not the case with other b2b software solutions and it can serve b2b businesses of all sizes, from small to large sized manufacturers, retailers and distributors. You also get the option to offer different credit limit to a specific set of your customers, you can show multiple price lists to customers, set minimum order quantities and more.


This b2b ecommerce software should be first on your list if you are someone that is interested in offering products of different types and bundles with ease.  You can group your products in unlimited groups and you can sell anything form kits to single and collection products with this b2b software. When it comes to inventory and orders, you can rest assured that they will be seamlessly connected and you will also be getting real-time information updates as all of those changes keep happening. With this software you also get features like custom product list creation, taxing flexibility that will allow you to define tax for multiple different regions around the world, customer, store-level and quantity pricing and more.


This b2b ecommerce software solution is one that seamlessly combines the provisions of ERP, CRM and ecommerce into one single platform whose product catalog management system enables you to have a clear exhibition of your products. The solution also provides straightforward interface, very clear navigation and advanced filters which when combined they provide a very good shopping experience for your customers that will be efficient and fast. You will also have the use of features like tighter security and low cost of ownership, and advertising platform to increase your brand awareness, easy ordering process for b2b customers and so on.

B2b ecommerce software solutions are ones that are full of options and features which are all meant to make your job easier. If you are interested in stepping into this business, then all you have to do is figure out which platform is the right one for you and start working immediately.

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